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    C40 Cities Bike Challenge

    Win free gifts for your sustainable trips

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    C40 Cities Bike Challenge

    Win free gifts for your sustainable trips


On the 19th September, the 2019 Bike Challenge will bring together Mayors and city officials from key cities to walk, cycle or scoot for as many trips and kilometers as possible across one day.

The Challenge is a friendly competition to inspire more leisure and commuting travel by foot, by bike or by micro-mobility. A series of prizes and rewards will incentivize city officials to walk that extra kilometer or cycle/scoot that extra trip to save CO2 emissions and fight climate change.

How to take part

How can you take part in the "C40 Cities Bike Challenge"?

Step 1: Sign up for the challenge

It will only take a few seconds, click here to go to the registration from.

Step 2: Download the Ciclogreen app

Download the Ciclogreen app to track your activity here (Android) or here (iOS).

Step 3: Cycle, walk or ride an electric scooter!

Track your activities on the app to earn points (Ciclos) for every kilometre, view your position in the Ranking, and get more than 5 ciclos in the challenge to win fantastic rewards.


Healthy and sustainable transport, we all win!

Sign up using the following form

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kg CO2 saved


Beat the challenge and you could win one of our gifts

1x50$ Decathlon gift card

Participation city Winner (higher number of participants): 1 x 50 $ Decathlon gift card.

1x60$ Spotify gift cards

Distance City Winner (higher number of kms covered): 1 x 60 $ Spotify gift cards.

10x20$ Decathlon gift cards

10 x 20 $ Decathlon gift cards to draw among participants from the rest of cities.


Follow the competition between cities in real time (mean distance per active user)


Follow our statistics in real time:

Participants: 2933
Total km: 33095
Km cycled: 20747
Km walked: 12335
Km electric skate: 13